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Move it or Lose it!

If you move, you are guaranteed to push your spine out of alignment at one point or another. You bend. You sit. You stretch. You walk. You run.  Usually, you slip, you fall, you trip, you “miss a step,” you “over-do it” and you chalk it all up to “I’m getting older.”  Well, thank you Captain Obvious.  Of course we are all getting older.  What comes with age?  Well, some would say you gain wisdom.  I say, before that wisdom comes, you must gain EXPERIENCE.  For those of you reading this article while slouching in your couch or chair right now with an achy lower back that “USUALLY goes away” or those of you who say “I carry my stress in my neck and upper back,”  read this carefully.

What you do at your job, from sitting long hours to backbreaking labor, can cause problems with your spine and nervous system.  Many work-related injuries result from increasing trauma without sufficient time to recover. For instance, a nurse, over time, may find that her back hurts because she is constantly lifting patients. Although there was no specific patient that caused the back pain, the pain exists due to lifting.

The major risk factors for work-related injuries are:

  • Awkward or prolonged postures
  • Repetitive activities
  • High forces or heavy lifting
  • Vibration
  • Cold

Approximately 75% of workplace injuries involve the nerves and muscles.  Most people reach for the Ibuprofen and pray the pain goes away.

Question… if your oil light was on in your car, would you put some black electrical tape over it to fix the problem?

Of course you wouldn’t, because you know that someday that car engine will stop running if you don’t change the oil!

That is why people are seeking out “Alternative Health-Care”, of which, chiropractic is now the leading form of care for dealing with the musculoskeletal system.

Treatments focus on the underlying problem instead of the symptoms because treatments that focus on the symptoms alone are not effective. They can even be dangerous since the underlying cause remains untreated.

As we age, our body begins to wear out. Even if you take great care, certain changes happen. For instance, spinal tissues become weaker, muscles become less hydrated, and ligaments are not able to handle as much stress. It is possible, however, to keep these problems to a minimum.

Rather than introduce pain medication or anti-inflammatory drugs into the system, why not give the body a fighting chance to heal itself naturally?

The best way to curb the signs of aging is through PREVENTIVE CARE!  Using preventive care methods such as exercise, diet, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and of course chiropractic care!  Including these tools in your daily life will allow you to:

  • Increase mobility and range of motion
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance tissue healing
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease arthritis
  • Minimize the risk of falls

‘Baby boomers’ recognize that the old medical model dealing with emergency treatment is not applicable to the aging population and the issues associated with aging.   There is a time and place for emergency care and I’m very glad we have these services available but they are not here for promoting a healthy lifestyle.  They are here to keep us alive.

All Is Well That Ends Well

Whether young or old, athletic or a video game king, male or female, preventive care can help you obtain wellness.

Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the bones and joints moving freely and in the proper place while reducing nerve interference. In addition to adjustments, you must work on lifestyle changes such as:

  • Improved posture
  • Exercises
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Nutrition
  • Stress reduction
  • Rejuvenation techniques

All of these add significantly to our overall health since each has a direct effect on nerve function. Awareness of these issues can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The nervous system is an amazing network. Not only does it affect how we move, but it also affects how we think and how we feel. An overloaded or poorly functioning nervous system will not be able to handle extra physical or emotional stress. In fact, science is now finding that feelings and attitudes have a direct correlation to our nervous system.  So, feelings of hopelessness create a stress overload to our nervous system creating an overload that leads to malfunction.

My philosophy of health is: recognition, respect and trust in the body’s innate purpose to heal and be well. No matter who or where you are in life, if you want your body to work at its optimal level, then seeking preventive health care practitioners and applying a healthier approach to your life will give you the greatest chance at being able to enjoy a healthy life for years to come.

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Mik