Muscles are Stupid


Seriously, they are!  Why do mention this?  A question often raised in our office is “isn’t it just the muscle?”

Well, here is the thing, though wonderful and essential for movement, muscles are stupid.  They don’t have a brain!  Muscles don’t do anything without first consulting your brain and nervous system.  Muscles and the tendons that attach them to bones each have their own sensory systems.  These systems relay information from the brain telling the muscles what to do. Whether it is contract, relax, cramp, or cause pain.  Without the nervous system, that muscle is completely worthless.  It will not move.  It will not hold you upright or get you from point A to point B.

Every day your body functions, your eyes blink and see, your tongue tastes while your stomach digests, your ears hear and can even tell from which direction the sound is coming, and you can speak.  During the day you walk, run, stand still, and sit, all the while you are breathing, your blood is circulating, the temperature of your body is being regulated, and your immune system is fighting off any bacteria or viruses with which you come in contact.  Every night, while you sleep, your body is still working and working hard to replenish your energy, to rebuild the cells of your blood, skin, tissues and organs, and still you are breathing.  The only thing that controls every single one of these functions and thousands more is the most delicate master system.  Its importance is so great that the main part of this system is housed in bone.  The power of this system does not require any drugs or vaccines.  It simply requires no interference from the bones that surround it.  This system is your nervous system.

A very wise man once said,

“Life is motion; motion is life. The absence of motion is death…

in human beings, motion is produced by muscles…

that which moves muscles is nerve force. ”

-B.J. Palmer

It may surprise you to know that only 10% of the nerves in your body are responsible for you feeling pain.  For the recently injured and the chronic pain sufferers, this number may be hard to wrap your head around considering the excruciating pain that some people deal with on a daily basis.  The other 90% of the nervous system, however, is responsible for every function of every cell, tissue and organ in the body.  Your actual life depends on this 90%, dictating how well your heart beats, lungs breathe, eyes see, how well you digest, hear, smell, and taste.  The bad thing is that you can impinge 90% of a nerve and not feel it as pain.  You may feel the areas that the nerve goes to performing at a lesser level.  Then gradually, dis-ease will begin.  Lastly you may feel pain the muscle from the decrease in function.  But before you ever feel anything, the impingement must first happen.  The messages get relayed to brain and the tissues (including the muscles) then react accordingly.  Not the other way around.

We tend to think of and notice the big traumas in our lives but often fail to see the subtle changes and micro traumas happening everyday right in front of our faces.  If your muscles are hurting, get your nervous system checked.

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Mik


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