Be Powerful in 2013

It’s time reflect on 2012 and start 2013 off on the right foot. Over the last year, I’ve written various articles on health and healing and taking a more active role in your health. Part of the reason why I do what I do is to not only help heal your body but also to grow as a person. It is my job to help you do so. The following are some ideas on how to help make your life a more powerful one. These ideas may help you in your business and with your friends, and may also help you with the most important people in your life, your family and you!

Powerful people are those who rapidly put action to ideas. Try something that sounds like it might work and either succeed or fail quickly. If you fail go on to the next thing and it is okay to ask for help.

Power starts in the morning! Clarity of mind is one simple way to boost your productivity and effectiveness. Think about what you will do for the whole day and make a list, prioritizing the things of greatest importance.

Be Grateful! While you are making your list of to dos, also think about the things for which you are grateful. Make a list of these people or things. Somehow committing things to paper solidifies your gratitude.

The source of your power begins with your daily routine! This begins with what you eat, how well you sleep, and includes your daily workout. We all know breakfast is the most important meal, so give your-self enough time to eat well. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep so you are fresh for the whole day. Daily workouts are another great way to up your energy. People who are active stay active.

Help others get what they want! Zig Zigler once said that “You can get what you want as long as you help enough people get what they want.” Helping other people is a good idea anyway because it is the right thing to do. It just generally works out that both people benefit. Didn’t we learn this in Kindergarten?

Power is woven into the very fabric of what you believe! If you believe that you will be successful in you endeavors then you will. Unfortunately, vice versa. The shear power of belief in ones self is of much greater importance than the abilities or talents that may be necessary. If you are lacking, try positive affirmations in the A.M. and before you sleep.

Ask and you shall receive! Write down what is that you want in your life or for others and be sure to be specific. It is like making an order. If you like your salad with croutons and dressing on the side you must say so. Need I say more?

Realize that you have the power to make your life happen in 2013!

Health & Happiness,
Dr. Mik


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