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It’s Time…


Right now, things are changing.  There is a new era approaching us here in west Michigan and around the United States and even over-seas.  What we currently call “health-care” is starting to point in a different direction.  Insurance premiums are rising and benefits are seemingly decreasing across the board.  Deductibles are hitting INSANE amounts from $1500-$25,000 per family.  The typical wait in an emergency room is nearing four hours.  Side-effect laden drugs are being over-prescribed to everyone, especially kids.  Despite our “best efforts” and advances in technology, we are the sickest and fattest country in the world!  So what are we doing wrong?

Traditionally, we get sick, we go to the doctor, and the doctor gives us some drugs and maybe a muscle relaxer or a pain killer to knock us out and sends us on our way.  How does that help?  What good did those pills do?

Last time I cut my finger, I cleaned it up and put a band-aide on it and left it alone.  Magically, my finger healed.  My body didn’t start healing my toe, it knew what to do.  It sent the proper cascade of chemicals from my brain through my body, down my arm, into my and hand healed my finger.  The band-aide kept the cut from getting dirt inside it but it did not do squat to actually heal my finger.  In other words, our bodies heal from the inside out and not the outside in.

We have some of the best doctors and surgeons in the U.S. right here in Grand Rapids.  Some of them save lives, others help to bring new life into the world and I’m thankful for that.  However, in a health-care system as broken as ours, even their hands are tied due to hospital budget cut-backs, falling insurance reimbursements, and a bad economy.

The bottom line is, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO GET SICK!  We don’t have the time to miss work, to be stuck in bed feeling like crap, unable to take care of ourselves or our families.  We cannot do it.  Being sick is time consuming and expensive.  The only way to not get sick is to actually start moving our health in the right direction.  If you do not want to be sick, the dumbest and most ineffective way to get healthy is by focusing on not getting sick versus focusing on truly taking steps to get healthy.  There is a difference.

The public’s views and beliefs have been skewed by the government, insurance companies, drug companies, and the media that is paid by all of them to report what the drug tell them to.  It is a completely false, misleading system that we’re stuck in.  We are constantly barraged by these messages over and over every day.  Have a sniffle?  Take a runny nose pill.  Have a headache?  Here’s a headache pill.  Trouble focusing?  Enjoy some Ritalin.  There is a pill, potion, or lotion for every ailment you can think of and even some for things that you didn’t even know you needed and that’s the whole point.

Our system is stuck in a reactive, drug-dependent state.  How can we possibly move forward if the majority of people are waiting to get sick?  It will never happen, we will never get there.

It is time to focus on getting healthy!  No more focus on losing weight, by starving yourselves with the latest low-calorie, gimmick, fad shake of the day that puts your body into starvation mode.  You will lose weight but that does not make you healthy in ANY WAY.  The weight will come back because weight is a lifestyle issue and the only answer is CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE.  Do not let these companies take advantage of you.

You are the one who needs to define your own “WHY.”  Why do you want to be healthier?  Is it because you want to lead a better example for your children?  Maybe, you want to do something that you have always wanted to do but your weight or health has not allowed you to do.  Whatever your “why” is has to be big enough to facilitate the change you are trying to make.  Otherwise, if your “why” is not big enough, then you will simply and quickly fall back into your old habits of being lazy, eating crap, and drugging yourself back to that wonderfully-numb state that you call your life.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  There are tons of people out there to help you on your journey to a healthier you.  You have to want to change and you have to take responsibility for your own health.  Contrary to popular belief, having good “health insurance” does not mean you “are covered,” it will not make you healthy or keep you healthy.

Imagine you are standing at the edge of a cliff.  One step or push forward and over the edge you go.  Your insurance will pay to fix your broken self and get you back onto the edge of that cliff where you started but that is not a very safe or healthy place to be.  That is what your insurance pays for.  It is your responsibility to take action to get the hell away from the edge of that cliff.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to my Irish brethren and remember that everybody is Irish on St. Patty’s Day!

Dr. Mik


Calling All Sheeple!


The resolutionists are slowly beginning their migration away from the gyms and their new diets.  Flu season is reportedly in full swing and “worse than ever” this year, so as usual, the local and national news is telling us that there are shortages of the vaccine and you “had better get vaccinated NOW!”  This article is intended to open some of your sheeple minds and give the other side of the story in the hopes that you make an informed decision about whether to get yourself or your kids vaccinated.

In West Michigan and around the world, viewpoints on vaccines vary greatly.  The information reported on the news is completely for routine vaccination of pregnant and nursing women, children, elderly and everyone in between.  There are vaccines for everyone and seemingly most illnesses that we are bound to encounter throughout our lives.  So should we get vaccinated you ask?

This is a question that I often encounter in my practice and it is a difficult one to answer.  Personally, I haven’t been vaccinated for anything since I was a child and I have never gotten the flu shot in my adult life nor will I ever.  Back in the early 80’s when I was young; I was vaccinated for 10 “diseases.”  Now, our kiddos are facing a crazy vaccine schedule of over 30 different things!

Chew on this for a minute.  If I had a can of PBR and injected it with Thimerosal (Methyl Mercury), aluminum salts, formaldehyde and some chicken embryos, would you drink it?  Guess what, those are just a few of the ingredients listed by the CDC on their website that are contained in those awesome flu shots that we’re supposed to be getting.  You could not pay me to inject that crap in my body.  In fact, a few weeks ago I was doing some research and happened upon the information sheet inserted with the Flulaval vaccine for the flu virus this year.  It says in black and white:

“…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.”

“Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children”

In other words, IT DOES NOT WORK AND IT IS NOT SAFE!!! Are you kidding me!?  Yet, we’re supposed to get vaccinated with this stuff? I’m not buying it.

I may have a slightly bias view being a natural holistic health-care practitioner who specializes in the nervous system and uses scientifically proven and safe methods for reaching and maintaining optimal nervous system function in the body.  Yet, I never learned that our amazing body’s NEEDED the help of a synthetically-made virus to be injected into us so that when we encounter the “real thing” our bodies will already have the right tools to kick the illness in the butt.  Nope, I never learned that people had a Tamiflu deficiency or that people were lacking mercury in their body either.

Believers of the vaccines miraculous and necessary abilities would condemn those who oppose their view.  Whether you believe they work or not is YOUR CHOICE.  I just hope that you have done your research and are not just following the herd and doing what you’re told.  There is misinformation everywhere but recently, more and more cases of damages caused by vaccines have been reported and are actually being rewarded large sums of money for the expected damages the rest of their lives.  In fact, there is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund that pays out millions of dollars to victims of the damaging effects of vaccinations every year.  But, you will never see these stories on the news.  Considering most TV stations are highly funded by the drug companies who produce these vaccines, you will never see them reporting on vaccines in a bad way.  They would stand to lose millions of dollars in ad revenue every year and that’s just bad business.  Sadly, you have to follow the money trail and all roads lead to Big Pharma who stands to make billions of dollars every year on vaccines alone regardless of who they injure or kill.

Some people argue that by not vaccinating, we would be inviting diseases like polio, measles, and small pox back into the modern world.  I don’t think so.  Did you know that before vaccines were even introduced in the early 1950’s, most of the big killers (measles, small pox, and polio) were already on the decline?  Medicine and supportive care were improving and so were nutritional choices.  It wasn’t the vaccines that saved the world.  It was our nation’s health improving.  Our sanitary conditions improved and people learned to wash their hands.

The difference between a sick person and a not sick person is how well their immune system is functioning.  A healthy immune system will kick the snot out of anything that it comes into contact with.  A not-so-healthy immune system will ensure illness and sickness over and over again.  You may get swine flu, bird flu, pig flu, duck flu or any other kind of flu that the news is reporting will cause the next pandemic and kill all of the people of the world.

How do you get and keep a healthy immune system?  It takes work and time.  Let’s start with exercise, healthy eating habits, portion control, de-stressing, and a fully connected, optimally-communicating nervous system that is running the whole show.  That is as natural as it gets.

Unfortunately, most sheeple of the world, they do not think for themselves.  They treat their bodies like they can just replace them someday by being injected  with poisons, eating processed foods that have the nutritional equivalent of crap and living lazy, uninspired lives because that may be all that they choose to know.  Every day, more people are waking up to the real world that we live in and are beginning to understand and question the powers that be.   Don’t be a sheeple and open your eyes.  You are responsible for your health, not the government or your insurance company.

Health & Happiness,

Dr. Mik